Rspamd 3.7.3 has been released

27 Oct 2023

Today we have released Rspamd 3.7.3; this release adds a fix for a regression in the short-lived 3.7.2 release.

The following changes are new in 3.7.2:


  • Deal with fmtlib exceptions properly
  • DMARC reporting: fix reporting for subdomains
  • DMARC: fix munging (by @dzjaivnt)
  • ICAP: restore old content-type behaviour; add use_specific_content_type setting
  • WebUI: Fix history table vanishing


  • WebUI: Add control to invert action filter
  • Rules: Blank spam detection
  • Rules: Tighten rspamd’s attachment policy (by @twesterhever)
  • RBL: support use of different matchers for return codes