Installation and Administration

Here are the main introduction documents that are recommended for reading if you are going to use Rspamd in your mail system.

There is also an external documentation about Rspamd from the system administration point of view: an alternative introduction to rspamd configuration.

  • How to blacklist/whitelist emails? Use multimap module
  • How to disable spam filter for some user or set custom thresholds? Use user settings
  • How to configure Rspamd? Write your custom configuration in local.d/module_name.conf for plugins, in local.d/ for workers, local.d/ for logging, local.d/ for custom options and in etc/rspamd/rspamd.local.lua for adding new rules and regular expressions.

Please also read the frequently asked questions document for other commonly asked questions.

Reference guide

This section contains documents about various configuration details.

Developers documentation

This section contains details about Rspamd internals, documents about writing new rules for Rspamd and, in particular, Rspamd Lua API.

Other topics

There are several tutorial like documents related to various topics of Rspamd usage.

External resources

1. antispam plugin is deprecated, use IMAPSieve instead