Rspamd Documentation

Installation and Administration

Here are the main introduction documents that are recommended for reading if you are going to use Rspamd in your mail system.

  • Quick start - learn how to install, setup and perform initial configuring of Rspamd
  • MTA integration - describes how to integrate Rspamd into your mail infrastructure
  • Upgrading - the list of incompatible changes between versions of Rspamd
  • Frequently asked questions - common questions about Rspamd
  • Migrating from SA - the guide for those who want to migrate an existing SpamAssassin system to Rspamd

Reference guide

This section contains documents about various configuration details.

Developers documentation

This section contains details about Rspamd internals, documents about writing new rules for Rspamd and, in particular, Rspamd Lua API.

External resources

1. antispam plugin is deprecated, use IMAPSieve instead