MTA integration

This document describes several methods of integrating rspamd with some popular MTAs. Among them are:

This document also describes the rspamd LDA proxy mode that can be used for any MTA.

Using Rspamd with Postfix MTA

From version 1.6, you should use rspamd proxy worker in Milter mode to integrate Rspamd in Postfix.

Configuring Postfix

Postfix configuration to scan messages on Rspamd daemon via milter protocol is very simple:

#smtpd_milters = unix:/var/lib/rspamd/milter.sock
# or for TCP socket
smtpd_milters = inet:localhost:11332

# skip mail without checks if something goes wrong
milter_default_action = accept

# 6 is the default milter protocol version;
# prior to Postfix 2.6 the default protocol was 2.
# milter_protocol = 6

Integration with exim MTA

Starting from Exim 4.86, you can use Rspamd directly just like SpamAssassin:

exim scheme

For versions 4.70 through 4.84, a patch can be applied to enable integration. In the exim source directory run patch -p1 < ../rspamd/contrib/exim/patch-exim-src_spam.c.diff.

For version 4.85, run the following from contrib/exim in the rspamd source directory: patch patch-exim-src_spam.c.diff < patch-exim-src_spam.c.diff.exim-4.85.diff And then follow the steps above to apply the patch.

For versions 4.86 and 4.87 it is recommended to apply a patch to disable half-closed sockets: patch -p1 < ../rspamd/contrib/exim/shutdown.patch

Alternatively, you can set enable_shutdown_workaround = true in $LOCAL_CONFDIR/local.d/

Here is an example of the Exim configuration:

# This is the global (top) section of the configuration file
# Please note the variant parameter in spamd_address setting
spamd_address = 11333 variant=rspamd

acl_smtp_data = acl_check_spam

begin acl

  # do not scan messages submitted from our own hosts
  # +relay_from_hosts is assumed to be a list of hosts in configuration
  accept hosts = +relay_from_hosts

  # do not scan messages from submission port (or maybe you want to?)
  accept condition = ${if eq{$interface_port}{587}}

  # skip scanning for authenticated users (if desired?)
  accept authenticated = *

  # scan the message with rspamd
  warn spam = nobody:true
  # This will set variables as follows:
  # $spam_action is the action recommended by rspamd
  # $spam_score is the message score (we unlikely need it)
  # $spam_score_int is spam score multiplied by 10
  # $spam_report lists symbols matched & protocol messages
  # $spam_bar is a visual indicator of spam/ham level

  # use greylisting available in rspamd v1.3+
  defer message    = Please try again later
        condition  = ${if eq{$spam_action}{soft reject}}

  deny  message    = Message discarded as high-probability spam
        condition  = ${if eq{$spam_action}{reject}}

  # Remove foreign headers
  warn remove_header = x-spam-bar : x-spam-score : x-spam-report : x-spam-status

  # add spam-score and spam-report header when "add header" action is recommended by rspamd
    condition  = ${if eq{$spam_action}{add header}}
    add_header = X-Spam-Score: $spam_score ($spam_bar)
    add_header = X-Spam-Report: $spam_report

  # add x-spam-status header if message is not ham
  # do not match when $spam_action is empty (e.g. when rspamd is not running)
    ! condition  = ${if match{$spam_action}{^no action\$|^greylist\$|^\$}}
    add_header = X-Spam-Status: Yes

  # add x-spam-bar header if score is positive
    condition = ${if >{$spam_score_int}{0}}
    add_header = X-Spam-Bar: $spam_bar


For further information please refer to the Exim specification, especially the chapter about content scanning.

Using Rspamd with Sendmail MTA

Sendmail can use rspamd via milter and configuration is just like for postfix. sendmail configuration could be like:

MAIL_FILTER(`rspamd', `S=inet:11332@localhost, F=T')
define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `rspamd')

Then compile m4 to cf in the usual way.

Integration with Haraka MTA

Support for rspamd is available in Haraka v2.7.0+.

To enable: add rspamd to the DATA section of your config/plugins file and edit config/rspamd.ini to suit your preferences.

Integration with EmailSuccess MTA

Support for rspamd is available from EmailSuccess v11.19.

To enable: in the administration console, type filter-module-set rspamd enabled true. Edit filtering options with the filter-module-show rspamd and filter-module-set rspamd commands to suit your preferences.

You’ll also need to enable the filter for each input interface (both SMTP and API) with input-set INPUT1 filter enabled, ws-set rest_filter true and ws-set soap_filter true commands.

For further information please refer directly to EmailSuccess documentation.

LDA mode

In LDA mode, the MTA calls the rspamd client rspamc which scans a message with rspamd and appends scan results to the source message. The overall scheme is demonstrated in the following picture:

lda scheme

To enable LDA mode, rspamc has the following options implemented:

  • --exec "/path/to/lda params": executes the binary specified to deliver modified message
  • --mime: modify message instead of printing scan results only
  • --json: optionally add the full output as base64 encoded JSON

Here is an example of using rspamc + dovecot as LDA implemented using fetchmail:

mda "/usr/bin/rspamc --mime --exec \"/usr/lib/dovecot/deliver -d %T\""

In this mode, rspamc cannot reject or greylist messages, but it appends the following headers that can be used for further filtering by means of the LDA (for example, sieve or procmail):

  • X-Spam-Scanner: name and version of rspamd
  • X-Spam: has value yes if rspamd detects that a message as a spam (either reject or add header actions)
  • X-Spam-Action: the desired action for a message (e.g. no action, add header or reject)
  • X-Spam-Result: contains base64 encoded JSON reply from rspamd if --json option was given to rspamc

Please note that despite the fact that this method can be used with any MTA (or even without an MTA), it has more overhead than other methods and it cannot apply certain actions, like greylisting (however, that could also be implemented using external tools).