Rspamd 0.7.0 released

11 Sep 2014

After a year of development I’m proud to present you the new major release of rspamd - 0.7.0. This is the first release of 0.7 branch and it includes a lot of improvement and reorganization. I have added the document that describes migration from Rspamd 0.6 to Rspamd 0.7. Unfortunately, due to the poor design of the LUA API used in the old rspamd versions, several incompatibilities are introduced. Please consult with the migration document that describes how to deal with those incompatibilities.

Rspamd web interface is finally a part of rspamd package. Moreover, you no longer need an HTTP server to serve its files - rspamd can do it natively. Of course, it is not a good idea to open web UI to the Internet as this UI is designed to manage rspamd from the protected or internal network. However, in the future versions of rspamd this could be changed.

Rspamd 0.7 contains a lot of improvements in terms of performance and the quality of spam filtering. The internal structure of the rspamd project has changed a lot. Nevertheless, I tried to keep the backward compatibility as much as possible. For example, despite of migration to the HTTP for all communications rspamd still supports legacy rspamc protocol.

Rspamd CLI client rspamc has been improved as well. It now uses HTTP protocol and works in non-blocking mode allowing multiple simultaneous connections. Moreover, it now can output machine readable output with flags --ucl or --json for UCL and JSON outputs accordingly.

Please feel free to ask any questions in rspamd mailing list or IRC discussion channel. You could find their’s credits at