Rspamd 1.0.6 has been released

16 Oct 2015

The next bugfixes release 1.0.6 of rspamd is out. This release contains critical bugfixes for rspamd including the following ones:

  • Fix build on i386
  • Update CentOS7 service file patch (by @fatalbanana)
  • Fix path to rspamadm in Debian init script (by @fatalbanana)
  • Fix broken ‘_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX’ on FreeBSD
  • Fix portability issues
  • Use cryptobox chacha for libottery
  • Better support of 32 bit builds
  • Fix header name tokens setup
  • Fix levenstein distance method for words
  • Add workaround for old libevent (#400)
  • Fix microseconds in termination timer
  • Fix some more issues with fixed strings
  • Explicitly test CPU instructions even after CPUID call
  • Do not check out of boundary memory
  • Do not output broken emails
  • Fix unknown symbols registration
  • Handle SIGILL using longjmp
  • Block signals when exiting event loop
  • Fix incorrect allocation size
  • Slightly optimize alignment
  • Restore rspamd -t for compatibility
  • Add more sanity checks for emails

This version has restored backward compatibility with 1.0.0.