Rspamd 1.1.2 has been released

29 Jan 2016

The next feature release 1.1.2 of rspamd is out. This release contains some important improvements:

  • Add support for forged confirmation headers (by @AdUser)
  • Improve multimap plugin: add filtering support
  • Add rspamadm statconvert utility to convert statistical tokens and learn cache from sqlite3 to redis
  • Add logging for slow rules and regexps
  • Add mime_types plugin to check sanity of mime types in messages

Bugfixes and minor improvements in this version:

  • Fix stat_cache closing
  • Add checkpoints to sqlite3 learn cache
  • Do not recompile lua generated headers all the time
  • Increase number of messages learned
  • Fix issues with dual stack and hfilter
  • Disable MID checks for hfilter by default
  • Fix cache definitions in multiple classifier and no type
  • Don’t crash if learn cache failed to initialize
  • Fix googlegroups support in maillist plugin
  • Rework flags LUA API:
    • Allow to check for a specific flag
    • Add learn_spam, learn_ham and broken_headers flags
    • Unify internal functions
  • Allow any, mime and smtp for get_from/get_recipients
  • Add rule to detect spammers attempts to cheat mime parsing
  • Rework parsing of IP addresses in configuration (better IPv6 support)
  • Add util.parse_mail_address function to LUA API
  • Add lua sqlite3 module
  • Implement synchronous redis call
  • Ratelimit: avoid possible indexing of nil value (Fixes #498) (by @fatalbanana)
  • Implement redis advanced lua api with pipelining
  • Fix memory leak on redis stat (#500)
  • Fix user/language learn count in sqlite statistics (#496) (by @fatalbanana)
  • Fix build with custom pcre
  • Fix fuzzy relearning (#498)
  • Improve planning of asynchronous tasks
  • Add base32 decode/encode routines to lua util
  • Allow converting of learn cache from sqlite to redis
  • Add methods to check if a messages has from/rcpts
  • Disable reload command in rc scripts
  • Improve runtime CPU dispatcher for libcryptobox
  • Add preliminary support of digital signatures via ed25519
  • Add detection for RDRAND support
  • Print configuration of crypto on start
  • A in SPF presumes AAAA lookup as well

This version has full backward compatibility with 1.1.0 preserved.