Rspamd has now a twitter account

2015-08-27 00:00:00 +0000

I will now publish updates about rspamd development in its @rspamd account. Please follow to keep in touch!

Rspamd 0.9 has been released

2015-05-15 00:00:00 +0000

After almost half a year of development we are intorducing rspamd 0.9 which is the next major version of rspamd. You can view the full list of changes in the ChangeLog file. But here is the list of the most notable changes introduced in this version:

  • Improved optimizations via abstract syntax tree for all expressions (my presentation describes some basic principles of optimizations.
  • Switched to luajit and pcre jit by default. JIT compilation allowed to improve the performance in the bottlenecks so now rspamd is significantly faster than 0.8 branch.
  • Added spamassassin rules support: you can now use the most of your spamassassin rules in rspamd natively. Of course, they are optimized with JIT and AST techniques.
  • Added encryption support: rspamd now can encrypt all traffic with extremely fast and low latency encryption based on public key cryptography and cryptobox construction.
  • New aho-corasic implementation has been imported. Now rspamd can search for hundreds thousands of search patterns in almost linear time.
  • New statistics architecture:
    • advanced tokenization techniques (secure or fast hashes);
    • improved UTF8 tokenization;
    • avoid multiple learning by the same message by maintaining learning cache;
    • improved features normalization to reduce false positives rate.

Moreover, this release contains a lot of other improvements to plugins, lua API, rspamd core and the build system. In fact, the most of rspamd codebase has been either reworked or completely rewritten to improve the architecture, performance and stability.

Rspamd is accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2015

2015-03-04 00:00:00 +0000

We are proud to announce that rspamd is accepted by the Google Summer of Code program. The list of ideas, possible mentors and other useful stuff is placed on the ideas page. We encourage prospective students to apply and help us to make rspamd better with funding generously provided by Google.

Rspamd 0.8.0 released

2015-01-02 00:00:00 +0000

Today I have released the next major version of rspamd - 0.8.0. The main difference from the 0.7 branch is completely reworked fuzzy storage. I have switched the storage itself from own memory-based hashes structure to the sqlite3 database and redesigned protocol for future extensions and new features. At the same time, I have preserved backward compatibility with previous rspamd versions, therefore no specific upgrade movements are needed. Moreover, the conversion of an old database format is performed automatically and does not require special attention as well.

Fuzzy check plugin has been reworked accordingly. First of all, I have changed the algorithm of fuzzy hashes to the probabilistic shingles algorithm. It is blazingly fast and still rather accurate to find close texts in the database. Secondly, I have added the normalization algorithm for the target language using snowball lemmatizer. It allows to remove grammar forms and check merely the first forms of all words in a text improving thus fuzzy matching quality by removing meaningless parts.

Rspamd 0.8 is heavily tested in production environments and I consider it as a production ready release. No manual migration is required for rspamd 0.7 users, however, if you use more old versions of rspamd then you should check the migration guide.

As usually, please feel free to ask any questions in rspamd mailing list or IRC discussion channel (#rspamd at OFTC).

Rspamd 0.7.0 released

2014-09-11 00:00:00 +0000

After a year of development I’m proud to present you the new major release of rspamd - 0.7.0. This is the first release of 0.7 branch and it includes a lot of improvement and reorganization. I have added the document that describes migration from rspamd 0.6 to rspamd 0.7: Unfortunately, due to the poor design of the LUA API used in the old rspamd versions, several incompatibilities are introduced. Please consult with the migration document that describes how to deal with those incompatibilities.

Rspamd web interface is finally a part of rspamd package. Moreover, you no longer need an HTTP server to serve its files - rspamd can do it natively. Of course, it is not a good idea to open web UI to the Internet as this UI is designed to manage rspamd from the protected or internal network. However, in the future versions of rspamd this could be changed.

Rspamd 0.7 contains a lot of improvements in terms of performance and the quality of spam filtering. The internal structure of the rspamd project has changed a lot. Nevertheless, I tried to keep the backward compatibility as much as possible. For example, despite of migration to the HTTP for all communications rspamd still supports legacy rspamc protocol.

Rspamd CLI client rspamc has been improved as well. It now uses HTTP protocol and works in non-blocking mode allowing multiple simultaneous connections. Moreover, it now can output machine readable output with flags --ucl or --json for UCL and JSON outputs accordingly.

Please feel free to ask any questions in rspamd mailing list or IRC discussion channel. You could find their’s credits at